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The Latrine is Back!

Mr Laddu, a school headmaster, has had a long list of concerns ever since the April 2015 earthquake affected his school. One of his school buildings is damaged and some of the toilets have been reduced to complete rubble. With the support of Plan International, students can now enjoy toilet blocks and hand washing stations.

Children stand in front of their newly-built toilet block
Children stand in front of their newly-built toilet block in Nepal (photo by: Hilda Winartasaputra)

With the school toilet gone, the children have no place to relieve themselves.  This was a major concern for a school that had previously enjoyed its improved water, sanitation and hygiene facilities and that was located in a district that had achieved Open Defecation Free status.  “I don’t want my children to have to defecate in the open again,” says Mr. Laddu.

The principal is thankful that Plan International Nepal, a well-known supporting partner of the school, has come back to help after the earthquake. 

With funding from Plan International, a Temporary Learning Centre was constructed, through the joint effort of the local community and RADO Nepal, a local NGO partner.

Together, the organisations and the community have built a toilet block – comprised of a water tank for toilet flushing as well as a hand washing station.  The new toilet block consists of three rooms: one for boys, one for girls and one for children with disabilities.

The toilet is back and better than the old one.

“This is even better than our old toilet, which only had two rooms and no handwashing facility,” said Mrs Sharmila, one the schoolteachers.

“I hope that our new disability-friendly bathroom will encourage families that have children with physical challenges to send their children to school,” Mrs Sharmila adds.

With wintertime almost in full swing in Nepal and the continuing challenges related to the shortage of fuel and materials in the country, Mr Laddu’s list of concerns remains long. 

However, after seeing his students run happily to use the school toilet and wash their hands, he can now tick off his concern of school water, sanitation and hygiene. 

To date, Plan International has built 168 water, sanitation and hygiene facilities for temporary schools in earthquake-affected districts and launched hygiene promotion activities across 221 schools in Nepal.

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