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Meet Plan International Global Youth Advisory Panel (GYAP) member Neha, aged 20, from India.

Global Youth Advisory Panel member Neha
Global Youth Advisory Panel member Neha.

What are you passionate about?

At present I am a student studying sociology. I’m in my third year at university.  

I like to read novels and write poetry in my free time.  I also volunteer for various organisations as a representative of Plan International India’s Youth Advisory Panel.

During my volunteering I have been involved in a campaign against sexual violence and I received a fellowship from an NGO called Udyan Care because I pursued higher education.

What do you enjoy about being on GYAP?

The GYAP helps me to share my experiences with members in other countries. It provides opportunities to share knowledge and best practices with members of Youth Advisory Panels around the world.

It also provides a platform to raise our voices on issues that affect young people and children from their perspectives.

It also helps me become more experienced and engaged in development and the decision making processes around it.

Why is GYAP important?

As 40% of the population in India are young people between 15-24 years old, there must be an opportunity for them to engage in programmes, advocacy and decision making processes. 

The GYAP is an opportunity for young people to make positive changes in the lives of young people and other children. Young people can raise awareness about issues that affect children, youth and communities from a unique perspective.

Youth voices can support Plan International’s governance to design appropriate, relevant and quality programmes that benefit children across the world.