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Healthy start in Myanmar

Providing young children with opportunities to learn and discover

We are committed to nurturing and developing children’s potential from the very start of their lives.

Our work enables girls and boys to succeed at school through quality, inclusive early childhood care and development (ECCD) services and support. So far, we have supported 1,594 children (829 boys and 765 girls) under the age of eight in six tsunami-affected villages in Bogale Township in Ayeyarwaddy Region, and seven remote villages in Toungup Township in Rakhine.

Working with communities, we create holistic development opportunities for children from birth to eight years through a combination of ECCD and parenting education, promoting parent behaviour change and empowering the community to ensure long-lasting impact. For example, many parents from poor families in Taungup said that they were too busy to play with their children, and that they often shouted at them or beat them as harsh discipline is traditional practice. This issue was discussed during parenting education sessions, where it was explained that it is natural for children to want their mothers' attention and that positive discipline is a preferable approach.