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Say no to child marriage!

Child marriage is a widespread issue in Mozambique with 21 percent of girls already married by the age of 15 and by 56 percent by 18 – the seventh highest rate of child marriage in the world. Girls who get married before the age of 18 are at greater risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, and of experiencing domestic violence. They are also most likely to end up living in extreme poverty and deprivation.

Girls promote the '18+ Ending Child Marriages in Southern Africa' campaign
Girls promote the '18+ Ending Child Marriages in Southern Africa' campaign

Through the regional 18+ Ending Child Marriage project, Plan International Mozambique is working to raise awareness on the negative aspects of child marriage, to empower girls and to change the gender norms and practices that drive child marriage.

At a national level, Plan International Mozambique has supported and contributed to the newly adopted national strategy to reduce child marriage and is a part of the national anti-child marriage coalition, which has supported the production of a national statistics report on the annual number of child marriages in the country.

We held a media forum to raise awareness about child marriage, to reflect on how the media portrays girls and women and to discuss the role of media in empowering this often marginalised group.

Mural painting activity for children
Mural paintings have been visible in the cities of Maxixe and Inhambane sending the message to say no to child marriage

A ’Pinkification’ campaign was carried out in the cities of Maputo, Maxixe and Inhambane, which gained widespread publicity. Pink billboards, buses and mural paintings were visible throughout the cities sending the message to say no to child marriage.

We have also conducted training sessions for staff members, partners, government representatives and school club facilitators on sexual and reproductive health rights.