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Child and maternal health in Mozambique

Improving opportunities for children and adolescents to enjoy good health

Plan Mozambique is committed to ensuring that opportunities for children and adolescents to enjoy good health are improved. To achieve this, our work focuses on maternal and child health, the prevention of HIV and AIDS, and water, sanitation and hygiene. We are forming powerful partnerships with community health volunteers, resulting in more health interventions, children’s vaccinations and an end to open defecation in some villages due to the construction of toilets. Meanwhile, children with HIV are being tracked and cared for by specialised medical doctors offering antiretroviral treatment. Mobile health services supported by our skilled staff also enable communities to access superior pre-natal care, family planning sessions, deworming and the distribution of vitamin supplements. We have worked shoulder to shoulder with our partners to build a centre in Massavana community to support mothers giving birth. The centre can accommodate six expectant mothers in the last days of their pregnancies who do not live close to any health facility, and are therefore at risk of delivering their babies without proper medical assistance.