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Education in Mali

Helping children and young people realise their right to quality education

The political crisis in 2012 led to widespread disruption of the Malian education system, as masses of children and students were displaced from the north to the south, including from Plan International Mali’s traditional intervention areas. This led to overcrowded classrooms, poor quality of education, and difficulties of integration and adaptation for children. We have responded to these changes by increasing access to education for children in areas hit by the emergency in north Mali, and we have worked closely with teachers to strengthen their knowledge of child psychosocial care and teaching methods.

Other aspects of our education work continue apace, including awareness raising about the importance of sending girls to school, Many households in the areas where we work now place at least one child in an early childhood care and development centre, with 80% of parents affirming that boys should not be favoured over girls. We continue to work with communities to provide a wide range of activities including the provision of school equipment, training, libraries, catch-up classes and awareness sessions for parents and children, actively contributing to building positive futures for children in Mali.