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Water and sanitation in Malawi

Increasing access to safe water and improved hygiene and sanitation

Plan International Malawi is using its expertise to improve safe water supplies and promote sanitation and hygiene in communities and schools. Not all children in Malawi are able to access safe water, and sanitation remains a challenge – the country is experiencing remarkable population growth, especially in its urban and semi-urban areas, and as it grows, water availability further declines.

We work in 10 districts to increase communities’ access to safe water and improve sanitation and hygiene, reaching out to a population of 1.06m from 250,000 households, and working in partnership with 274 schools with 274,000 learners. We work with our local partners to drill boreholes and address issues such as open defecation, educating communities about menstrual hygiene and school sanitation.

As a result, marked changes in attitudes, knowledge, beliefs, behaviour access and environmental conditions are happening, with the majority of households abandoning open defecation. Many villages now have clean toilets with drophole covers and clean surroundings, and we continue to strive to achieve this in every village in Malawi.