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Health in Malawi

Enhancing young people’s capacity to attain the highest standard of health

Plan International Malawi is committed to ensuring that all children and their communities have access to adequate health care. We focus on child health, adolescent sexual and reproductive health and maternal and newborn health, increasing access to services at community and health facility levels for children, adolescents with and without disabilities and women of child-bearing age.

Our Child Centred Care and Development (CCCD) is based on integrated family health days both at static and outreach centres, community mobilisation, logistical support and general health campaigns and awareness raising, ensuring that all communities have better access to health services and placing an emphasis on information and treatment for HIV/AIDS. We also champion Family Health Week, when we can enable communities to gain access to de-worming and vitamin A supplements for children aged between six and 59 months and postnatal women within eight weeks after delivery, nutritional screening of children under five, pregnant and lactating mothers, family planning long term methods and hygiene and sanitation information.