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Meet Plan International Global Youth Advisory Panel (GYAP) member Maisha, aged 17, from Bangladesh.

Global Youth Advisory Panel member Maisha
Global Youth Advisory Panel member Maisha.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about reading. I also love cycling and, of course, working with Plan International Bangladesh on the issues that affect young people. I am a student, currently in 12th grade.

What do you enjoy about being on GYAP?

I enjoy being on GYAP and am committed to it because I believe that children should be at the heart of everything. I have been working with and for children for some time so I know how important children’s involvement is.

Plan International runs several youth-led projects so to have the opportunity to tap into that knowledge and gain experience in this area is invaluable to me. Being able to learn from other GYAP members is great too. I believe that I am learning skills that will help develop my own country.

I would like to see the influence of GYAP grow to become a leading youth forum that shares learnings not only within Plan International but all over the world.

Why is GYAP important?

If young people are engaged in Plan International’s governance, the organisation can take its policy implementation to the next level using the energy and innovation of young people. At the same time, young people will have a better understanding of how different policies are created and how they function.