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Healthy start in Education

Promoting a healthy childhood through good hygiene, birth registration and malaria prevention.

Plan International Liberia is committed to ensuring a healthy start in life for all children, allowing them to develop cognitively, socially, physically and emotionally through increased opportunities to early learning and stimulation.

As a result, we are working with families as the first line of response in child rearing, care giving and addressing malaria-related issues.

We have been championing birth registration for many years and we work shoulder to shoulder with local leaders to build capacity for health and community workers to ensure all children are registered. We also host radio talk shows to inform communities about the benefits of birth registration.

Water and sanitation play a significant role in ensuring a healthy start for children. Therefore, we work with over 80 communities to improve their access to toilets, wells and hand pumps. The project is benefitting an estimated 26,000 residents, with women trained to be pump mechanics and village committees established to promote hygiene.