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Children’s empowerment in Education

Championing children to play a part in decision making

Plan International Liberia is committed to projects that encourage children’s participation in decisions that affect their lives.

However, this is still a challenge for communities in Liberia, where knowledge of child rights is very limited. In addition, traditional cultural practices such as female genital mutilation and early marriage often dictate how children should behave.

We encourage children’s participation at county and district levels through our Children’s Advisory Board and through community-led committees where the majority of members are children and youth. Our youth advocacy groups regularly send members to national and international campaign events to speak out about issues affecting young people in Liberia, allowing young people to gain a real voice in national affairs.

One such youth-led campaign focused on child marriage, persuading 712 girls in one district to stay in school rather than dropping out, via school debates and radio talk shows hosted by the young people. In this way, we empower young people to call for long-lasting, positive change in their lives.