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Economic empowerment in Lebanon

We support young people from Syrian refugee and host Lebanese communities to learn skills, get good jobs, earn a living and play a meaningful role in society.

The Lebanese government estimates that it hosts over 1.5 million Syrian refugees. The crisis has significantly affected the country’s economic growth, increasing the level of poverty.

Syrian refugees living in Lebanon have limited opportunities to get jobs and earn a living due to restrictive regulations. This means that legitimate work for Syrians is limited to jobs in the agricultural, construction and services industries.

Lack of jobs leads to exploitation

The difficulty in getting good jobs causes many Syrian refugees to rely on external financial support or exploitative forms of labour in order to make ends meet.

While young Syrians are in a particularly vulnerable situation, Lebanese youth also face serious challenges in finishing school, getting good jobs and playing and playing an active role in society.

As a result, many young people are facing social exclusion and discrimination which makes them more vulnerable to exploitation.

Helping young people build their own futures

Plan International runs skills training projects to help young people, especially women, get good jobs and meaningfully participate in society as they become adults. We also help vulnerable young people access good jobs and set up their own businesses.

In addition, we strengthen social cohesion among young people from refugee and host communities by supporting them to participate in social networks, learn about their rights and take the lead and call for change on issues that matter to them.

By supporting young people to earn a safe and sustainable income and become leaders in their communities, we help to prevent violence and forms of exploitation such as child labour and child marriage.