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Stop violence because without violence I am very happy

We have to use innovative ideas to reduce and eliminate the violence.

Nicaragua stop violence

In Nicaragua, a total of 36 teenagers, 14 women and 22 men from the rural and urban area of Nueva Segovia, Madriz, Matagalpa, Masaya, Granada and Managua participated in the consultation "End violence against the children" promoted by the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children​, and lead in Nicaragua by the Global Movement for Children (GMC) where Plan International is an active member. 

The aim of the consultation is to understand the actions and solutions that girls, boys and adolescents believe necessary to end violence against children, and the recommended actions to strength the work of the Global Alliance.

"We agree that all girls and boys of the world are educated to be someone in life and that parents should give them love, care and welfare. Children who do not live with love don't live well" said Carlos, of the Department of Granada, Nicaragua.

Adolescents and youth participants in the consultation prioritized a series of messages to the GMC, the Global Alliance, institutions and Governments of the world such as: "No to abuse", "Without violence I am very happy, stop violence", "With violence problems are not solved", among others.​

Matthew Carlson, Country Director of Plan International Nicaragua, said that the organizations need "to seek new solutions that can only come from young people, boys and girls who have experienced violence. We have to use innovative ideas to reduce and eliminate the violence."​

End Violence a Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children​ - What is the Global Partnership?​

We need to change the way that policymakers, campaigners and the public think about ending violence, winning the argument that we should – and can – make societies safer for children. The global partnership will bring together stakeholders from across the world to end all forms of violence against children, 

turning the belief that no violence against children is justifiable and all violence is preventable into a compelling agenda for action. The Fund to End Violence against Children will be independent of, but associated with, the partnership. It will provide catalytic finance to support the delivery of the partnership's strategy.