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Latin America stands out in fundraising

Latin America had a succesful year when it comes to fundraising. This translates into helping children through porgrammes and projects to improve their lives and defend their rights.

Non-profit organizations, like Plan International, are supported by fundraising in order to carry on with their projects and programmes to improve children’s quality life and children whose rights are threaten because of their countries’ social, economic and political contexts.

During the last fiscal year (2015-2016), Latin America received good news regarding fundraising: almost 20 million euros were obtained. From this amount, 19, 077, 61 were given as local grants and 675,061 euros came from individual donors.

When it came to individual donors, Colombia was ahead on resource mobilization, followed by Ecuador, Brazil and El Salvador. On the other hand, the countries which raised private and local’s highest amount were Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras and Brazil. Each country gives the money received it destination according to their programmes based on the priorities.

Because of this donated money is possible to change the lives of thousands of boys and girls who are in vulnerable situations or also its use to create awareness among communities so children rights are respected and to provide a safe environment for their growth.