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Youth Empowerment programmes

‘Youth building future’ is one of the many projects that Plan International has in the region with the aim to prepare the youth from vulnerable areas so they can find jobs. The experience in Brazil, Colombia and El Salvador were used as examples for the good practices exchange that took place in Cali to improve the youth economic empowerment programmes within the region.

Around the world, a raise on the youth without jobs rate is expected to reach 71 million people. Latin America and The Caribbean are not an exception to this trend, with factors such as violence that limit, in some countries, the economic development.

Plan International, from 2011 to these days, has been focusing in encouraging the economic empowerment to vulnerable youth in the region. Although the projects are diverse depending on the countries’ context, the essence is the same: a raise on the amount of youth who finds a dignified job once they finish school and that way tackling the poverty cycle.

Countries like Brazil, Colombia and El Salvador have developed specific projects to train the youth so they can work in different areas such as gastronomy, cosmetology, so they can apply what they have learned through an employer or by starting their own business.

These projects not only allows an improvement of their life quality that helps tackling the poverty cycle, but also allows the identification of those inconvenient that keeps showing to reach a perfect development of youth empowerment.

To fix those issues, the staff in charge of carry those programmes in the communities, got together in Cali to Exchange experiences and lessons learned so the effectiveness and reach are better. These spaces are also used to introduce new tools that have been successfully helpful to other countries outside the region, where also Plan International works.

‘I believe that the workshop was very helpful for all those who took part on it because we gain knowledge and ideas to promote our projects’, said María Velasco, one of Plan International’s Ecuador staff who attended the meeting in Cali.

A continuous strengthening of these programmes and a constant revision of what has been done so far allows that future project develop a bigger effectiveness and reach through specific results that meet the goal of reducing the rate of youth who cannot access the labour market.