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Water system reduces burden on girls

A sustainable water supply means that girls from rural Laos are able to spend less time doing chores and more time at school.

Yor is showing her convenience when having the water system working. Using water for toileting is very comfortable now
Having a reliable water supply reduces the amount of time girls spend doing chores.

In Yor’s community, villagers were provided a water system by the government but it was not functional for years. Therefore, villagers, especially girls and women, had to fetch water from the small stream nearby.

Vansy, a 14 year-old schoolgirl, says, “In the rainy season, the quality of Pu Loi stream was not really clear, but I still had to use it as the water system was broken.”

Collecting unclean water poses dangers

Villagers utilised the water for their daily life inclusing washing clothes, bathing, cooking and drinking. Although the distance to collect water was relatively short, it was not easy and the water was not clean. "The slippery path scared me when I fetched water from the stream. Sometimes, I fell down," says Vansy. “I felt unconfident using water from the stream. We might get diseases from filth and and animal dung.”

In 2015, Plan International Laos started working in Vansy's community to rehabilitate the water system and to set up a water management system.

More time for girls to study

Having a proper water management system is contributing to a healthier community and is reducing the amount of time girls spend collecting water.

"I can spend more time at school studying rather than rushing home to fetch water from the stream. It is very convenient for me now," says Vansy.