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Job Vacancy: Dominican Republic Country Director

The Country Director is the sole representative and leader of Plan International´s operations in the country. He/she is responsible for Plan International’s reputation as a legally compliant, effective and responsible organization, which is unafraid to challenge injustice and discrimination against the poorest and most vulnerable children and strives for the fulfillment of children’s rights.

Working in 50 developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas, Plan International aims to reach as many children as possible - particularly those who are excluded or marginalized - with high quality programs that deliver long lasting benefits. It strives to operate effectively by increasing and diversifying its income sources and working in partnerships and alliances with others.

Each Country Program is led by a Country Director (CD) who oversees the development and implementation of strategies at country level in alignment with Plan International’s global vision and purpose and with the prevailing context of child rights violations in that country.  The CD is the sole representative and leader of Plan´s operations in the country. He/she is responsible for Plan International’s reputation as a legally compliant, effective and responsible organization, which is unafraid to challenge injustice and discrimination against the poorest and most vulnerable children and strives for the fulfillment of children’s rights.

Operating in Dominican Republic since 1987, Plan International is one of the most respect child centered international NGOs in the country.  It has a Country Strategic Plan that covers the period from 2014-2018 as well as Long Term Plans for its 3 operational Program Units. The Program and Operating budget with an annual average of Euros $ 4.3 M in a combination close to 58% - 42% ratio between traditional Sponsorship and additional Grant funding. Plan Dominican Republic has a total caseload of 24,000 children of which roughly 20,000 have an international Child Sponsor. 

Dimensions of the Role:

The Country Director is Plan’s legal representative in Dominican Republic, accountable for the operations and results of Plan in Dominican Republic in an evolving political, economic, institutional and legal/labor environment.

The Country Director will both ensure the proper disbursement of funds for use in Dominican Republic Programs and Operations (currently averaging around EUROS $ 4.3 M per year)

The Country Director is responsible for managing Plan’s programmes, currently working through 3 Program Units.

The Country Director heads a Country Management Team and provides strategic leadership to Plan Dominican Republic´s staff (currently 150 local employees), ensuring alignment with corporate values and practices

Typical Responsibilities - Key End Results of Position:

Plan International’s work will be relevant to the needs of the most vulnerable children in Dominican Republic

Country Strategic Plan International implemented and periodically reviewed according to an agreed plan of action.

Emergency preparedness analysis ensures Plan International is ready to respond to predictable emergency conditions.

The current location of programmes is reviewed to ensure they include new communities and cover the most marginalized and excluded children.

Through development education, communications, advocacy and public incidence, Plan engages with the critical stakeholders in the country in favor of child rights;

The application of the Child Centred Community Development approach strengthens duty bearer’s, rights holders’ and civil society’s capabilities for advancing child and youth rights at the local, national and international levels;

As a member of the Regional Leadership Team, the Country Director of Dominican Republic contributes to the overall learning and strategic direction within the Americas region.

Plan International’s work in Dominican Republic will be delivered by a cost-effective and efficient team, skilled in their area of expertise and compliant with the expectations Plan has of all staff:

Implementation of strategic organizational changes aligned with the CSP and the Global Strategy, leading the effective Change Management application in the country.
Creation and management of high performance teams which deliver excellent technical work, using child-centred and gender-sensitive approaches in line with Global and Country Strategic Plans.
Teamwork and cooperation within the Country Management Team will be rein-forced through continuous efforts to build and maintain respectful and effective work-relationships amongst team members.
Management of individuals across the team to ensure full development of potential through induction, performance management, support and staff development in all core policy areas.
Staff numbers and structures will be designed and kept at a level that is efficient and cost effective.
Work environments will be managed to reduce risk from health and safety and security hazards.
Creation of budgets and disbursement of all resources will be efficient and compliant with organizational procedures and standards with a strong accountability component for both Plan and partner operations.

Corporate Operational standards are reviewed, internalized in local operational procedures, distributed to all staff and their application is closely monitored through an effective internal control system; to enhance transparency and strengthen accountabilities.

Plan International’s work will be well funded and growing

Implementation ofan effective

Resource Mobilization strategy focused on non-sponsorship funding

Identification and exploitation of funding opportunities in partnership with National Organizations and in line with the approved Country Strategic Plan.

Specialised capacities for resource mobilization are installed and measures to re-cover costs from the additional funding sources have been put in place.

Delivery of grant and sponsorship work on time with clear measurable impact on children and in full compliance with donor requirements.

Timely reports with high quality will ensure donor satisfaction and continuation.

Effective sponsorship services are being delivered to ensure produce the required information and enable successful fundraising activities in other parts of the organization;  

Plan International’s work in Dominican Republic will be recognised locally and internationally as effective and relevant to the needs of highly vulnerable children

Representation of the work to all key stakeholders (advisory group, local leaders, workshops, cluster groups, INGOs locally and internationally etc).

Timely communications work positions Plan strategically as recognized voice for critical issues affecting children in Dominican Republic.
Putting a stronger emphasis on achieving measurable results and impacts, documenting and communicating them appropriately will demonstrate the effectiveness of rights-based programs and accountability to all stakeholders, including communities and children;
Establishing partnership at different levels to ensure the effectiveness of the operations in the country.

Dealing with Problems

Ability to make judgement in the light of working within a large and complex organisation with multiple stakeholders

Flexibility to support positive outcomes for a global programme including supporting and mentoring other Country Office programs

Decision making on requests in relation to the risks and opportunities associated with Sponsorship programming

Take decisions based on the correct application of risk assessment and global policies in the country

Development of a strong culture of risk management in the organizational culture as appropriate to the country situation.
Capacity to understand and take appropriate/effective decisions with regards to tensions in working relationships, teambuilding and conflict resolution.

Communications and Working Relationships


Regional Office Management Team members

Other Country Directors, especially those in the Region.

Programme and functional departments in International Headquarters.

Plan National Offices


National and Local authorities (National Government, municipalities, etc)
Community leaders in the areas of Plan Operations
Civil society members of partner organization and alliances
Media at local and national level
Grants donors: National Offices, Corporate, and National Institutions

Other INGO leaders and networks.

Cluster group members in Dominican Republic.

UN and donor representatives

Partnerships with national and international NGOs, civil society and local government organizations.

Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours Required to Achieve Role’s Objectives


Demonstrable knowledge as a result of study, training or practical experience on the key debates in development
Knowledge of Dominican Republic and the geopolitical factors affecting child-poverty in the country and the political, social and environmental opportunities for change is an advantage
Knowledge of the requirements of donor compliance and financial managemnt

Knowledge of programming for development

Child-rights development and emergency programming theory

Fluency in English and Spanish is required.


Proven skills in the development and management of effective and motivated teams, including distance management
Effective working with and through partners
Capacity to effectively adapt to structural changes
Demonstrated experience in conflict management and coaching
Communications, comfortable with the media, presenting and arguing a case
Proven analytical skills in isolating priorities and tackling them
All aspects of team management in complex environments
Representational skills in using media and other outlets for programme promotion



Self motivated leader with the passion for social justice striving for high performance

Show high standards of integrity and transparency in all his/her actions to become a role model reflecting the values of Plan

Ability to adjust personal lifestyle to existing insecurity in the environment

Creativity and innovation

Motivate the staff and encourage the team to high quality standards, promoting innovation and learning

Problem analysis and ability to make and support judgements while managing risks

Promote staff development and high performance within the organization

Demonstrate a high level of influencing skills and capacity to create high level relations

Physical Environment

May be “typical office environment”; note if heavy lifting, climbing, excess travel, etc.

Based in the country office located in Santo Domingo with extensive and regular local and some international travel

Ability to travel to remote areas

Dominican Republic experiences some social and political tensions that being an expatriate makes this position vulnerable to possible security situations as an individual and the accompanying family members.

Closing Date: Friday 9th December 2016

How to apply:

For external candidates:

You can find more information and send your application through Plan International´s jobs page: