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Healthy start in Indonesia

Making sure children under the age of eight have the opportunity to learn, grow and develop.

Plan International Indonesia is committed to Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD), combining health and development with education.

We address various facets of child development such as parenting, stimulation, early education, health and nutrition. These factors support development in the cognitive, language, social and emotional development of young children.

Our ECCD programme works in partnership with communities and civil society organisations to improve child survival and nutrition, enhance parenting and caregiver knowledge and practices. We also increase access to quality ECCD services and promote inclusive education for children with disabilities.

We have increased access to early learning centres and parenting groups for mothers and fathers, as well as nutrition classes, breastfeeding support groups, pregnant mother classes, and classes for mothers with children under five. Other activities include training health staff on breastfeeding counselling and implementation and establishing community-mother support groups to ensure that all young mothers and their children have access to adequate support and information. 

Children play at an ECCD centre on Flores Island.