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Education in India

Ensuring all children, including the most vulnerable, receive a quality education

We are a leading voice on education in India, using our years of experience and expertise to ensure that all children in the areas where we work have access to a quality, basic education.

There are some 4000 government schools and ICDS/ECCD centres in the communities where we are present. We have strengthened the quality of their services by enabling parents to raise their awareness about education, and engaging them in School Management Committees, as well improving the pedagogic capacity of teachers and ECCD workers. Our skilled staff work with teachers to improve their multi-grade teaching skills and positive disciplining, develop teaching learning materials and strengthen school management committees by providing knowledge, tools and skills. In some schools, we have partnered with teachers, so that they gain access to training on gender, girls’ rights and disaster preparedness in schools. More than 20,000 parents and community members in 1665 pre-school and school committees have also participated in training on good education practices.