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Economic security in India

Enabling young people to gain skills and training to ensure they can sustain jobs and businesses

Plan International India is committed to improving household economic security for families, as we believe it is key to the fulfilment of children’s basic needs. Many families in India have minimal income, and are consequently unable to provide their children with an adequate standard of living, and lack sufficient resources to meet basic needs of food, health, water, shelter and education, thus putting children at risk. We focus on job-orientated skills development work for adolescent girls and young women, so that such young women can delay the age of marriage and improve their economic security.

Last year, we enabled 1097 women and girls to gain job skills and more than 65% have been placed in jobs. Some 19,240 women have been supported to engage in micro-finance activities in their communities, and 792 women have signed up for business skills trainings so that they can effectively manage and grow their small enterprises. To promote awareness in our communities on the significance and opportunities for livelihood advancement, we have instigated 1160 events and workshops for more than 13,000 women and men.