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Child protection in India

Protecting all children from all forms of violence and abuse

Two out of three children in India are subjected to some form of abuse and exploitation, according to the Indian government. To address this, we are committed to supporting the new Indian law which enforces the prevention of sexual offences against children, and implementing an integrated child protection plan across the areas where we work. This includes partnering with children’s clubs, parents, community leaders and local government officials to create a sustainable community-based child protection mechanism based on excellent community vigilance.

We create safe spaces for vulnerable children, such as street children and children who work. So far, these have benefitted 1,094 children. We have linked the children to the government's education, nutrition and health care programmes and offered them support with life skills training, and awareness on sexual and reproductive health. So far, 5974 adolescent girls and boys from the urban slums of Delhi and Mumbai have benefitted from this training. This is helping  them better manage their own lives and that of their peers.