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I know I can do it

They are 150 youths including 78 girls from the province of Mambéré Kadéi to benefit from the socio-professional reintegration program. Nafi had a choice of professions such as hairdressing, catering and carpentry. She choose mechanics. She explains her choice: '' The mechanics interest me. I like to disassemble and reassemble a bike and look for what is working wrong. It's true that girls are rare in this business, but I know I can do it. ''

It's true that girls are rare in this business, but I know I can do it.

During 8 months, Nafi and 4 other trainees were trained to motorcycle mechanics by the manager of the repair shop.

Nafi is the only girl in the motorcycle repair shop and probably even in his city but this has never been an obstacle. '' I love this job. Now I can fully repair the bikes by myself. I hope to improve myself even in mechanics. One day I'd like to have my own repair shop "Nafi said.

The manager says: '' At first I did not think she would go through the training, since she was the only girl in the group. But over times, I realized that her choice was irreversible and I had to really support her ''. At the end of his training, the manager hired Nafi as salaried. '' She's good and very committed to her work. She will make an excellent mechanic''.

Nafi training was made possible through a partnership between Plan International and the regional direction of vocational training.

This project on education and protection of child victims of conflict in the prefecture of Mambéré Kadéi carries 3 parts: education with the creation of classes of the second chance, Child Protection with the establishment of community mechanisms of child protection; and vocational training for children out of school aged 13 to 18 years.