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How sponsorship supports quality education

Two young women from Sri Lanka describe how sponsorship and Plan International's programming supported education in their communities.


Plan International provided training and facilities at Dulanjanee's school.
Plan International provided training and facilities at Dulanjanee's school.

Dulanjanee, 24, lives in Sri Lanka’s Monaragala District. She is currently a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. 

“Plan International is an organisation that is a lifeline to the lives of children and communities around the world. From 2007 to 2015, I was a sponsored child. Plan International provided me and my brother with school supplies and supported my family who suffered economic hardships. 

"They also contributed to the economic, educational, social and psychological development of other children in my community which is in a rural area that doesn’t receive much support. 

"Plan International set up a children's club at my school, developing the advocacy skills of the children and established a library to increase student’s knowledge, literacy and reading ability. They also constructed new school buildings for the pre-school children in the village."

"Plan International has helped me develop my skills and knowledge so I could succeed in my academic life. Thanks to my university education, I hope to get an administration job in the near future and want to serve my family, village and country well. I would also like to work as a counsellor and social worker."


Rekha's education was supported through a Plan International sponsorship
Rekha's education was supported through a Plan International sponsorship

Rekha, 25, lives in Monaragala district. She and her brothers were sponsored as children and received school equipment (school bags, exercise books, shoes etc) which were essential for their education. 

“Plan International helped me to focus on my education, and taught me the importance of education. They provided school equipment for the children in the village, conducted seminars for children on child protection and gave us leadership training. They built toilets at our school and opened a space where children could study in their free time. The also introduced entrepreneurship training to women in the village and encouraged them to start new businesses.

"I am currently in my fourth year at university and specialising in Geography. I hope that I will gain the best knowledge, experience and leadership training and act as a good role model for my community in the future. 

"When I graduate from university, I want to become a teacher and serve my students and community with great dedication. In addition, I will take extra classes, start my own business, and contribute to the development of my country and community by teaching students leadership skills.”