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Household economic security for children’s wellbeing

Ensuring youth are highly skilled and empowered for economic development

The overall focus of the country programme is now on youth skills development and employment. Under this, with funding support from AUSAID/ANCP and Plan International Australia, we implemented a vocational training and entrepreneurship programme. 52 young women and 48 young men were trained on vocational skills and 168 women and 33 men were trained on entrepreneurship. Out of the 100 youth trained in vocational skills, 71 are already employed, while out of the 200 who followed entrepreneurship training, 133 have started micro enterprises.  

We also implemented an integrated life skills project in one division in the Anuradhapura District with support from the Developing World Fund. The immediate outcomes are that more young women participate in vocational training and have demonstrated leadership in building a cohesive group.

The Country Programme received funding from the EU on “Empowering women and youth through e governance”. The project is implemented through 2 Civil Society Organizations mainly comprised of women. The project has 3 main components that :  supports livelihoods, establish  systems and processes at community level to address gender based violence and taking E-government services closer to women in areas that are under-served. The project is at an early stage and targets 9,000 women in two Districts of the country.