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Healthy life and environment in Honduras

Strengthening and empowering family and community

Our Healthy Life and Environment programme, working in partnership with the government and Honduran society,  aims to ensure children, adolescents and their families enjoy quality health care that is timely, relevant, without exclusion and sustainable.

We are working with communities to reduce risk factors involved in teen pregnancy, and enabling young people to gain access to information about their reproductive and sexual rights. We are enabling young people to access outpatient medical care.

Our health campaigns are diverse, ranging from a strong cervical/uterine cancer prevention campaign that has so far benefitted 1,018 mothers at the community and municipal level and educating men about prostate cancer, to the development of medical brigades, in strong partnership with the Ruth Paz and Abrigo Foundations, which have so far connected 1,460 adults to general medicine resources; 528 to optometry care, 440 to dental care, and 108 women to have Pap smears carried out, ensuring long term health for the future.