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Education for social change in Honduras

Working to help children develop in protective and inclusive environments

Unpaid backpay for teachers, lack of school materials, and lack of investment in methodological and educational improvements are key challenges in Honduras as well as the lack of processes aimed at the inclusion of indigenous peoples in the education system.

Plan International Honduras is committed to promoting education for all young people. We are strengthening the capacity of community organisations to promote, demand and defend the realisation of the poor, extremely poor or at-risk child’s right to quality education, so that they can complete their pre-school and basic education. We have supported the creation of Municipal Education Committees (COMDE), which are legal groups within each municipality to encourage parental engagement in their children’s education, and which raise funds for education.

Our advocacy work includes engaging communities to campaign for the inclusion of girls and vulnerable children in school, and support for children affected by cerebral palsy, to allow them to develop skills for the future.

Our forward-thinking reading project includes not only the construction of school libraries, but also efforts to turn libraries into recreational spaces that can be used by the community, and mobile reading campaigns and discussions of topics that pique the interest of children and lead them to developing the lifetime habit of reading.