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Youth Voices in Haiti

Each year, Plan International Haiti gives support to almost 100 clubs for children and young people. They benefit from training in leadership, children rights, gender, risk management and micro-finance. Plan International Haiti also provides materials such as computers, cameras etc and works with the groups to help them formalise their legal status

Plan identifies opportunities for young people's voices to be heard. These children and young people participate nationally and internationally in official ceremonies, and in the celebrations of national and global days for children or youth. In 2011 several groups and individual members, were recognised for their contribution to children’s rights during forums organised by the Haitian government.

Participation in major international activities

Plan facilitates sharing between children and young Haitians with their foreign counterparts. Initiatives in which the youth groups have participated to discuss children’s rights include: “somos region, somos voces’”, the “Camp Yuga” in the United States, and also presentations to the United Nations General Assembly in New York.


Taking young people into account in decision making is one of our priorities and helps a sharing of ideas and knowledge between the youth and the local elected officials. We encourage the participation of children and young people in the production of materials for awareness raising and advocacy (films, books, commercials, radio broadcasts, photographs etc.). Examples of their participation include the development of a Post Disaster Need Assessment (PDNA) which has served as a guide for organisations promoting children’s rights after the earthquake of 2010. The 2015 alternative report of Haitian NGOS which was presented to the international committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva.

Participation in community activities

We support children and young people's clubs to help them become agents of their own development: from denouncing cases of violence and abuse to promoting environmental and education issues. Plan also aims to strengthen the capacity of disabled children (especially deaf children), as well as with those in conflict with the law - in collaboration with the law enforcement authorities.