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Where we work in Haiti

Haiti Country Map.

Plan International has been working in Haiti since 1973 to support the Haitian authorities’ efforts to guarantee that all children and youth, boys and girls boys as well as their families can fully enjoy their fundamental rights. We also ensure that children participate in decision making that affects them to help develop skills and abilities so they can become active citizens and make real changes in their communities.

Plan International Haiti is present in 3 geographic departments:  the North-East (mainly rural), the West (mainly urban) and the South-East (mixed urban-rural).  Poverty mapping shows that the North-East and the South-East departments are amongst the poorest departments in the country. These 2 departments were also the hardest hit by the devastating earthquake in 2010, with the West department registering the highest number of displaced families in the whole of Haiti. During the same year, all 3 departments were also impacted by a cholera epidemic.

Plan International Haiti has been supporting various communities for several decades. Core areas of activity include: healthcare, education, youth economic security, gender equality, child participation and inclusion.