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Plan International in Haiti

We work on 4 key areas: health, education, livelihoods and child protection.

1- Country Programme (CP 1) : A good and healthy start to life

Objective: Strengthen the capacities of health authorities, healthcare providers, communities and parents to provide essential care, protection and services for the healthydevelopment of children aged 0 – 5 years, including in emergency situations. 

Issues: Haiti continues to struggle with a lack of health services. As a result, maternal and child health and nutrition is poor. In addition there is a lack of sexual and reproductive health. 

Key activities: Increasing access to potable water and basic sanitation facilities, awareness raising on the survival and development of children, promotion of quality, essential reproductive, maternal, neonatal and child health care, and the provision of early childhood care and development.

2- Country Programme : Quality primary education for all

Objective: Strengthen the capacity of education authorities and school communities to promote and provide accessible, quality primary school education to all children aged 6 – 14 years, including in emergency situations.

Issues: There are several barriers to quality education causing large numbers of drop-outs and low overall attainment. Few schools have sufficient quality learning materials, adequate sanitation facilities or access to clean water. There is also a low level of participation from communities in the governance of schools at local or national level.

Key activities: Provision of teacher training to improve school governance and review curricula, awareness raising on violence in schools, construction of hygienic sanitation facilities in schools, construction of water points, education in emergencies and the promotion of girls' education.

3- Country Programme : Life and livelihood skills and opportunities for adolescents and youth

Objective: Increase access of adolescents and youth, particularly women, to programmes, services and opportunities essential for their economic empowerment and their sexual and reproductive rights and health.

Issues: Poor economic conditions, early pregnancy and a lack of sexual and reproductive health.

Key activities: Development of professional and financial skills, development of youth savings groups, basic training for economic empowerment and the provision of quality adolescent-friendly sexual and reproductive health services.

4- Country Programme: Strengthened systems and governance for child protection

Objective: Strengthen participatory governance of services and programmes relevant to the protection of children’s rights including during emergency situations.

Issues: Violence, child trafficking, domestic and school-related violence, psychological and physical punishment, exclusion and discrimination.

Key activities: Increase access to affordable birth registration services for children, implementation of community child protection measures, provision of quality care for victims of violence and awareness raising on child participation.