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Healthy start in Haiti

A good and healthy start to life for every child

We are committed to ensuring that girls and boys in Haiti grow up well-nourished, enjoy the highest attainable standard of health, and develop intellectually, socially and emotionally to their full potential. In Haiti, 7% of children have never been vaccinated and maternal mortality is 630 per 100,000 live births. The number of women who die at childbirth is still alarmingly high.

We are committed to improving access to maternal and infant health services and ensuring all children and their mothers have better access to the minimum health care package. We also work closely with the Ministry of Health to improve health institutions.

Our main areas of focus are: maternal and infant health; water, hygiene and sanitation; nutrition; and childhood development. We also carry out a range of activities including running of mobile clinics, vaccinations for children, nutritional follow-up, de-worming and general consultations. We connect women of childbearing age with care and prenatal/postnatal services in selected communities, and help ensure they receive two doses of the tetanus vaccine.