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Education in Haiti

Ensuring quality primary education for all

We are a recognised leader in the field of education in Haiti, using our expertise to ensure that all girls, boys, adolescents and young people can claim a quality basic education, and gain the learning they need to live a fulfilling and dignified life. Haiti still has one of the lowest school enrolment rates in the region, and its educational system is facing many challenges with regard to regulation, quality, governance and accessibility.

We are supporting school governance as well as enabling teachers to access training in basic subjects such as mathematics and languages. Improving teachers’ skills in these subjects is crucial to quality education, as statistics show that the majority of students failing these courses do so because of poor teaching. We partner with teachers to help them build the necessary skills to provide better assistance to their students and increase success rates. Moreover, we have connected 94 teachers and school directors to training on learning evaluation, and they are now in a better position to identify strengths and weaknesses of the school system and take appropriate measures to improve their classes and schools.