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Increased access to school in Nampougou - “A dream comes true”

Thanks to Plan International Guinea's Acceleration of Girls Education Project in Telimele, community members have been able to build new, safe school buildings and the enrolment rate of children is rising as a result.

The district of Nampougou in the rural commne of Konsontami in Télimelé is one of the few places to have a school that works relatively well. The old school building of Nampougou had two premises with a total of 30 students and was built with brick clay. Due to this situation, several children could not have access to school due to lack of sufficient space in the available classrooms.

Plan International Guinea has initiated the "Acceleration of Girls Education Project" in the prefecture of Telimele. The project aims to enroll and maintain school-age children in schools in rural municipalities of Telimele and allow the cohort who started school in 2012 to 2013 to complete the primary cycle. So far we have enabled the community to build three classrooms at Nampougou school.

“I am from this village and it was a dream for my village to have this kind of school,” said Ibrahima Diallo, community volunteer.

“I am the only son of my parents who can read and write. I mobilised the community to build the first school in the village. Thanks to Plan International our ambition was fulfilled in a short time. This infrastructure now provides an opportunity for many children to access school locally in good conditions. On behalf of the community, we are now committed to enrol all children into school.”

“This day is a day of joy and satisfaction for me because it's been 3 years since I taught children in an inappropriate building,” said village teacher Lansana Camara.

“If today we receive this new school to improve our working conditions, we can only thank the initiators of this project. Our school will now receive a lot of kids who did not have the opportunity to go to school because of lack of space.”

Total gross enrolment rate increased from 27% to 80%. From 27% to 75%, among girls. The project has significantly contributed to improving children's access to formal primary education in Telimele over the past two years.

The new school in Telimele.