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Fish ponds, another source of income for village savings and credit group

Plan International Guinea is committed to ensuring that households have economic power and adequate savings, and a key part of our work involves VSLAs (Village Savings and Loans Associations).

Ninhèkpoï is a village located 12 km from N'Zérékoré. The village has two village savings and credit groups composed of 48 people, including 29 women.

With Plan International Guinea’s support, members of the savings groups have established fish ponds as an income generating activity, in addition to mobilising funds. The introduction of these fish ponds has been possible thanks to the solidarity, mutual trust between members, raising funds to support development costs.

"Our group decided to do fish farming.” Said Kolykolo, a housewife in Yelogué. “The realisation of the fish pond will allow our group to exist for a long time yet because a pond is still profitable for several years. We intend to make more ponds so that each member of the group has his family fish pond."

"Since we are in this village, no project had yet been made ​​in connection with fish farming,” she added. “Our group decided to do fish farming from what we have seen in other surrounding villages namely Komou and Gbily. They produce a lot of fish for food and the rest is sold for money and meet certain needs of the family.”

A farmer technician mentors the groups, and trains them in fishery techniques.

"I followed all stages of the training in order to have skills that allow me to make more ponds in the village without the technician that Plan International has given us,” said Patrice, a farmer.

“For now, I've done the technical monitoring of the construction of two ponds but I need to learn some additional techniques to be autonomous ".

The project has been a success due to the involvement of leaders of village savings and credit groups to mobilise funds from the solidarity fund, mutual trust, the commitment of the technician, and the motivation of the group members.

A member of the savings group by the fish pond.