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Education in guinea

Equal access to sustainable, quality education.

Plan International Guinea is committed to ensuring that all girls and boys, including the most marginalised and vulnerable, have equal access to a sustainable, quality education. 

We work to increase basic school enrolment and completion rates in the country. We are partnering with communities to improve facilities such as classrooms, learning materials and water and sanitation facilities. We aim to have made these improvements to 650 primary schools by 2017.

In addition, we provide teacher training and implement school governance mechanisms that involve communities, families and children contributing towards safe school environments where children can learn without fear.

We are also working shoulder to shoulder with communities to promote behavioural change in communities so that more families send girls to school. We also focus on making the direct and indirect costs of schooling affordable to poorer families by linking parents, especially mothers, to school canteens, school health insurance and other money-saving schemes.