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Child protection and participation in Guinea

Ensuring a safe, secure and empowering environment for all children.

Plan International Guinea is experienced in child protection and our priority is to ensure a safe and secure environment for all children, including during emergencies.

We promote behavioural change at community level to ensure that all children have a safe environment and are protected from abuse of all kinds, including traditional practices that are harmful or discriminatory such as female genital mutilation.

We work in partnership with communities to strengthen their resilience to disasters and emergencies. We do this by building their capacity, such as strengthening family income through the promotion of Savings Groups and income generating opportunities. Our Savings Groups have been a major part of this programme, enabling women to improve their household income and plan a better future for their children. There are currently 458 Savings Groups operating in Guinea, composed of 11,681 members,74% of whom are women.

We also advocate at national and community levels to strengthen laws, regulations and institutions that prevent child abuse.