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Healthy start in guinea bissau

Supporting every child to have a healthy start to life

Plan International Guinea Bissau is implementing the Right to a Healthy Start in Life programme, which addresses the right to health by improving access to quality health services for children in Guinea-Bissau.

Some of the main challenges include poor community awareness on health issues, limited capacity of the government to provide quality health services, low community participation in health management and a lack of qualified human resources.

Our work includes partnering with communities to facilitate extensive community awareness-raising on health and disease prevention. We also provide immunisations and vaccinations, train community health workers, provide water and sanitation services and educate communities on child nutrition.

The communities we work in have remained cholera-free despite recurring outbreaks across the rest of the country as a result of measures intoduced to effect long-term behaviour change. We have achieved a high level of community understanding on key health practices by partnering with local radio stations and a national radio station to spread awareness messages on healthy habits across our programme areas.