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Education in Guinea Bissau

Ensuring the right to education for all boys and girls.

Plan International Guinea-Bissau is committed to providing a quality education for all children. 

In our programme areas of Gabu and Bafata there are as many as 66 pupils per teacher. In addition there is often not enough school equipment and the classrooms are too small and not fit for purpose.

Therefore our Right to Inclusive Quality Education programme aims to ensure that marginalised boys and girls have access to quality, inclusive education in safe environments.

We cater for the learning needs of boys and girls by providing school supplies. In addition, we form strong partnerships with education authorities at national and local level, so that communities have increased capacity to support inclusive, quality education. We also ensure teachers have access to the appropriate training and resources to enhance their capacity.

We are also supporting local schools and institutions to increase currently low enrolment rates of children at primary school level.