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Child protection in Guinea Bissau

Protecting children from all forms of violence, including in emergencies

By 2017, Plan International Guinea Bissau is committed to ensuring that all marginalised children in the areas in which we work are protected from abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect, including during emergencies.

Our various initiatives address different forms of child rights violations in Guinea Bissau, including exclusion, traditional harmful practices and gender-based violence.

We encourage community participation at all levels of our child protection work. We facilitate awareness raising activities on child protection and build the capacity of children, communities and local authorities to recognise and combat the various form of child abuse.

We are an established and reputable voice in the field of child protection, enabling us to form powerful partnerships with communities and civil society organisations. We have initiated a partnership with the African Child Policy Forum to strengthen national monitoring mechanisms and accountability systems, and are currently in the process of organising forums to bring key stakeholders from both government and non-government sectors together to initiate dialogue on priority issues.