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Healthy start in Guatemala

Giving children the best start in life.

Plan International Guatemala is committed to promoting a healthy and dignified environment for the first six years of children's lives.

We champion the importance of maternal health and connect communities to information about pregnancy, childbirth and early childhood care. These are particularly important as this period develops the foundations for a person’s abilities, skills and potential. 

In addition, we work on issues such as birth registration, nutrition, food security, water and hygiene, ensuring that communities have access to these essential services.

Our goals include making sure that 65,000 children under 6 have improved health and nutrition and are better cared for and protected. We are also working to ensure that 13,000 women receive quality care before and after childbirth, and that 100% of children have a birth certificate.

A national policy on early childhood is also being formulated and approved as part of this initiative thanks to our strong partnerships with state institutions, civil society, children and communities.