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#GirlsVoices: A week in time

A short diary of my trip to New York City, where I attended the UN General Assembly and saw the Sustainable Development Goals adopted. I was there to tell world leaders to place girls’ rights at the centre of the agenda.

Everything about the trip was exciting - especially seeing Malala and Shakira! ~ Ghene

Youth delegates wait outside the UNGA

The youth delegates up bright and early to get into the UN General Assembly! Let’s end extreme poverty in a generation.

Youth delegates wait outside the UNGA

The time to act is now!

Youth delegates outside the UNGA

Posing for a group photograph outside the UN building in New York.

Plan International girl activists at the UN


Ghene talks to a journalist

Talking to a journalist from Spanish newspaper El País with a backdrop of the Statue of Liberty.

Ghene and a fellow youth delegate

Taking a break from interviews with another youth advocate on the Staten Island Ferry.

Ghene holds a sign reading: World change? Girls education

Want to change the world? Educate girls!

A girl’s rights and education always come together. Education empowers young girls all over the world

Ghene holds a sign reading: I demand PARTICIPATION! I have ideas too

I want all girls to be given the chance to speak out! When our ideas, potential and skills are enhanced and fully supported, we can help change the world for the better.

Ghene makes the #Girl4President sign