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#GirlsVoices: Luvono, the dreamer

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15 year old Luvuno, from Kenya, is one of Plan International’s adolescent girl advocates. For the past year, she has been actively involved in calling for gender equality and girls’ rights to be a central part of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Her efforts contributed to the elaboration of the Adolescent Girls' Charter - an outline of five key actions girls want governments to focus their efforts on.

Unlike many girls in her community, Luvono attends school – her favourite subjects are mathematics, English, and science. Poverty forces many of her peers out of the classroom, but Luvono is committed to speaking up for those who can’t. “As a girl advocate you have to present the other girls that cannot stand for themselves,” she says.

Luvono knows how important it is for girls to get a good education; to help them become leaders and achieve their goals. Her dream is to become a lawyer and to build a house to help children with disabilities.  

As part of her advocacy supported by Plan International, she recently met the First Lady of Kenya and handed over a memorandum outlining the problems girls face in Kenya and the solutions which they want her to help with. 

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