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#GIRLSVOICES: Leading the way for change

Petrider from Tanzania shows us her life as a young leader for girls' rights

My typical day starts by doing  various chores at home. I help my mother prepare breakfast and clean the compound before I go to volunteer at Children’s Dignity Forum Tanzania working to safeguard the rights of children from domestic violence. 

It takes me two hours on a 32 km road morning in a jammed bus to get to my workplace every day. I leave very early in the morning as I live in a place where the buses do not reach so I have to take a motorbike or wait for a lift. Where I live is dangerous because the houses are scattered and few of them have electricity. There are motorbike drivers who kidnap girls who have paid them to take them home but the drivers take them to another place instead. 

After I reach work I prepare programmes on protecting girls in rural areas. We travel to these areas weekly to educate girls on how to stay safe. I like going to the rural areas as that is where I came from and I feel obliged to give back to the community. I prepare dialogues and other platforms where young girls’ voices can be heard.

I am passionate and eager to end domestic violence towards young girls since this is an obstacle for girls’ development. Girls’ voices are silenced and this prevents them from achieving their full potential in life. Investing in girls and protecting them from violence is the only path to having a world where Gender Equality is achieved!