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Girls share priorities for change at the UN

Nine adolescent girls attending the United Nations General Assembly have created a charter of actions to solve key issues faced by girls around the world.

Plan International girl advocates at the UNGA 2015
Nine adolescent girls from across the world are attending the UN General Assembly with the support of Plan International

Nine adolescent girls were invited to New York for the United Nations General Assembly and the Sustainable Development Goals summit. They were inspired to address their governments on the urgent development issues facing girls.

Lindsay, 16, from the Philippines describes how the girls created a Charter of vital actions: “Girls all over the world face multiple difficulties in attaining their full potential and rights. Lack of access to education, discrimination and gender-based violence are just some of the global issues experienced by girls.

"So in order to build on the inclusion of girls’ rights in the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals, nine adolescent girl advocates from different countries – sharing a common passion in their desire to bring about positive change – have come together to identify and solve key issues faced by girls. We want the world to know that the targets in the SDGs need to be reached to bring out the best in girls and to make a better world for all of us.

"Having felt compelled to share our thoughts on what is most needed for governments to take action critical to our lives, we adolescent girl advocates call on all governments for assurance that girls’ rights will be prioritised.

Actions to transform girls' lives

"Our action points, if carefully considered and put into place, would mean that millions of girls around the world would be free from the violence and the discrimination they currently face simply because they are young and female. If this list of actions is followed, girls like us would be safe, educated and empowered to realize their dreams – and how much brighter and better the world would be.

"Last night in New York, we saw the ‘Super Moon’ which won’t make another appearance until 2033. Let’s hope at that moment all of us will be able to watch safe in the knowledge that girls everywhere have their rights and are empowered to lead full and happy lives.”

Download the Adolescent Girls' Charter.