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Girls demand to be included in Law against Gender Violence

Girls speak out for their rights, demanding the goverment to protect them agains all forms of violence

Nohelia and Angie, two teenagers from Cayambe, asked to all the assembly members to commit themselves to build a more secure Ecuador for them. Concretely, they requested that in the Law Project to Prevent and Eradicate Gender Violence against Women, include a chapter that specifically addresses their needs.

Press conference in the National Assembly of Ecuador

The request was made during a press conference in the National Assembly of Ecuador with the support of the Assemblywoman, Cristina Reyes, and which was attended by the Director of Plan International Ecuador, Rossana Viteri.

"We are not an individual voice, we are the voice of all the girls and boys in the country who every day suffer of violence and sexual abuse just for being girls," explained Nohelia 

Angie mentioned that girls are women but “our needs are not the same as an adult women." We are tired of harassment and abuse in schools, in the street when we are walking alone and in our homes or families. "And this is corroborated by the data offered by the NGO Plan International that 80% of aggressors is people nearby or known by girls.

The motion to include a specific chapter in the law that includes girls, came from Plan International Ecuador. "It is important that in this historic opportunity, the title of the law put the word girls, because the violence towards them is not the same as towards adult women," said Rossana Viteri. "In this chapter that we present, prevention is emphasized because until now, legislation only penalize the offense and the offender when the problem has to be attacked before it occurs."

For Assemblywoman Cristina Reyes, it is important that the National Assembly consider girls as a specific group in the Law, the data shows us that girls need urgent attention: 67, 9% of girls between 10 and 15 years have been victims of violence, 7 out of 10 women who suffered sexual violence in their lives were violated in childhood and between 1,500 and 2,000 Ecuadorian girls under 14 have been mothers in the past five years.

Demanding Girls Rights 

The purpose of the proposal is that girls and adolescent women live in a world of peace, equality and freedom without violence of any kind. This proposal include 6 chapters: Chapter I: Rights and Guarantees with a gender and generational approach; Chapter II: Types of specialized measures for girls and adolescents; Chapter III: Types of violence against girls and adolescents; Chapter IV: Child labor, domestic work and the care economy; Chapter V: Procedure before flagrancy; and Chapter VI: Prevention of adolescent pregnancy and protection for the pregnant adolescent.