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Girls and boys build peace

In Buenos Aires, Cauca, the winds of peace are arriving…

La chiva de Paz

You can breathe in new initiatives, will of change, there’s movement, and desire for things to change. The girls and boys are motivated and are active in the construction for peace in their daily lives, in their family, in school and through different PLAN projects.

Juan Sebastián, 13, is one of the young boys that does not only dream of peace, but builds it himself, participates and gets involved. From the Palo Blanco pathway where he lives with his family which is very united, he made a link a year ago with the PLAN project “Contributing to Building Peace,” that looks to potentiate the abilities of the participants, listen and support the ideas of the youth in this process. In this group various capacitations and trainings are developed which allow the boys, girls, youth and teenagers to become leaders and multipliers of the knowledge in their own pathways. “I want to give thanks to PLAN, because it has always helped us: it allowed me to be a more respectful and tolerant boy,” proudly says. With the acquired knowledge, his great will and the love for the people of his community, Juan Sebastián participates in the group created by PLAN which looks to provide tools so that they themselves can eliminate conflict in their pathways and invite everyone to be a part of this process, to be happier people. Asides from working in the construction of peace, during the process they have created friendship bonds and respect between the members and inhabitants, which allowed there to be greater trust and commitment amongst them.

This young boy know that education is the key towards peace and that is why he wants to keep on learning to finish High School and some day, not that far away, study to direct his own dance academy. “Music is my passion and I want to become a legend so that many other boys and girls will keep on dreaming of having a better country,” confidently concludes.