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Education in Ghana

Allowing all girls and boys access to a quality education.

Plan International Ghana is an established voice in the education sector and is promoting education as the key to long-term empowerment for young people.

Our projects reach children from deprived and hard-to-reach communities, with improvements consistently being seen in increased primary school enrolment and improved teaching, school governance and child participation.

Our on-going Complementing Basic Education programme is providing 120,000 out-of-school children with an education. In 2014 we enrolled 24,000 girls and boys into the programme.

We ensure that trained teachers are available for pre-schools, primary and secondary schools and we are improving school infrastructure as one of our core approaches to increasing school enrolment and retaining children in education.

Many girls and boys are not in school because of inadequate classrooms and facilities. Even in areas where these structures exist, they are not in a state that it is conducive to effective teaching and learning. Thus, we are supporting communities to ensure they have the resources to construct child and gender-friendly schools, libraries, toilet blocks and play facilities.