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Economic empowerment in ghana

Increasing the assets and income of poor households and their capacity to support children.

Plan International Ghana is committed to increasing the incomes of poor and vulnerable families, to enable them to ensure a better future for their children.

We are also enabling young people to gain access to education about finances, business and banking to ensure that they can build a future for themselves.

Our ground-breaking Banking on Change project funded by Barclays Bank is the biggest Village Savings and Loans Associations project in Ghana.

These projects have built a culture of savings in communities, increasing access to savings and credit and equipping youth with relevant skills and business management knowledge. They enable members to start, expand or diversify their income generating activities.

We have found that this promotes increased self-confidence, especially for women, as they subsequently have the ability to acquire household assets and a capacity to cope with risk, thus reducing their vulnerabilities. Participating members also have increased access to health and education services for their households, ensuring lasting change for them, their children and their communities.