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How we spend our funds

In 2014-15, we spent €810 million on our programmes and the operations that make that work possible.

Our programmes in 51 countries cover 8 key impact areas: education; water and sanitation; sexual and reproductive health; child participation; early childhood care and development; child protection; economic security and disaster risk management.

We are committed to ensuring that both sponsors and sponsored children are well-informed and understand their relationship with Plan International and the work we do. The unique cultural exchange provided by sponsorship creates a rich experience that changes the lives of sponsored children and their communities, ensuring they are an active part of their own development. It also provides a fulfilling experience for sponsors. The cost of this is covered within our fundraising and programme expenditure.


Read more about our work in each of these areas.

We are committed to ensuring that all information about how we raise and spend our funds is clear and accurate.

All our National Offices are independently audited and registered with the appropriate agencies of their country operations. They are required to follow the highest level of certified fundraising standards of their country, and these audited financial statements are available from them.

Plan International’s accounts are independently audited in accordance with International Standards on Auditing, which require us to comply with ethical requirements and ensure accuracy in our financial statements.