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Festiplan: Children from Ventanilla learned about their rights through educational games

Plan International Peru didactically informed children and their families from Ventanilla about children's rights and ways of preventing violence, in a "Festiplan" festival.

This month Plan International developed the "Festiplan" festival, in the communities of Las Casuarinas and Las Brisas, in Ventanilla (Callao). This event seeks to didactically inform children and their families about children's rights and ways of preventing violence.

"The Protection Twister", "Fishing rights", "Bowling gender" and "Memoplan" are some of the games that the community enjoyed participating enthusiastically. The Municipality of Ventanilla was also present in the "Festiplan" with a module orientation of the Municipal Defender of Children and Adolescents (DEMUNA).

"Festiplan" is part of the project "Protagonists of Change", which aims to strengthen family integration within communities, to ensure a proper and safe development of children.


Children were informed about their rights.