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External Auditor - Child-centred Disaster Risk Reduction

The child centered DRR project targets communities to have capacities, knowledge and techniques to be able to plan and to implement disaster risk reduction measures in an organized, sustainable and coordinated manner.

In order to achieve this goal, community-based and school-based disaster risk reduction programs are developed and carried out. Moreover the capacities of the local responsible organisation Swanyee Development Foundation (SDF), implement the activities, in the domain of child-centred DRR will be strengthened.

The direct target group of the disaster risk reduction measures in schools and communities comprises 22,915 people in 70 villages (among them 19,995 pupils and 2,920 community members) who have not benefited from disaster risk reduction measures so far and who do not have knowledge itn this domain. The indirect target group comprises 43,550 community members (among them 360 teachers as well as 7,537 girls and 7,412 boys).

The overall Objective is to contribute to strengthen community- based disaster risk reduction in coastal areas prone to natural disasters in Myanmar with the project objective of strengthening the disaster risk reduction capacities of communities and children as “agents of change” in Myanmar by 2015.
The project has following expected results:

1. The target communities have capacities, knowledge and techniques to be able to plan and to implement disaster risk reduction measures in an organised, sustainable and coordinated manner
2. The main stakeholders in the domain of disaster risk reduction have capacities, knowledge and techniques to integrate children into their DRR measures and to allow them to become active themselves
3. Civil society organisations including local non- government organisations (NGOs) and community- based organisations have operative systems and trained staff members to be able to manage and to implement projects independently from institutional donors

Plan International Myanmar is seeking a qualified audit firm which is registered to conduct a Financial Audit of Plan International Myanmar’s project according to International Standards on Auditing (ISA) issued by IFAC. The project was awarded to Plan International Myanmar but to be implemented through by our local NGO
Partner, Swanyee Development Foundation (SDF) under the funding support from BMZ (Government of German) via Plan International Germany..

The Audit shall be carried out in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA 800) issued by registered Myanmar Accountancy Council of Certified Public Accountant. The audit firm has to ensure quality, professional, and transparency to express an audit opinion on whether it is in accordance with accounting records of the SDF and Plan International Myanmar and Plan International Germany's audit instructions for projects.

Scope of the Audit
To conduct an Audit concerning the project titled Child-centred Disaster Risk Reduction in Coastal Areas of Myanmar implemented by Swanyee Development Foundation signs it MOU with Plan International Myanmar as the implementing partner of the project till June 30, 2016. The project is designed to be completed in Kyauk Phyu and Taungup Township in Rhakine State that commenced April 2013.
The accounting of the grants of the project has to be audited by the qualified (that is authorised or approved) auditors. In addition to the audit which the auditor executes, according to generally accepted auditing practices, the auditor should take particular notice of the following audit measures:
 Check that the SDF complies to the MOU or agreement established and signed on June 20, 2013 between the three parties which in this case is Plan Internaional Myanmar, Plan Germany and Swanyee Development Foundation.
 Check that the costs and financial reports reported by SDF to Plan International Myanmar and Plan GNO are in agreement with the approved budget.
 To ensure that the funds received by SDF from Plan International Myanmar are accounted and recorded transparently.
 Check to ensure that any unutilised funds have been reported and that, where applicable, such funds have been repaid according to the established agreement with SDF. If the auditor does not intend to propose approval of the accounts, a statement should be provided concerning such circumstance and the reasons for the refusal to approve the accounts should also be stated.
In addition to the above, the auditor will:
 Submit the audit report to Plan on the agreed date
 Follow the Plan Germany / BMZ reporting template to develop the report
 Provide a Managment Letter
 Conduct field work of financial verification and financial verification on actual expense of the project.

Audit Report
We ask you to give an audit certificate and forward the Auditor's Report to Plan International Myanmar via both email and regular mail. The report should be in English and include the following items:
 Project number and name
 Implementing organisation
 Date of agreements
 Reporting period and currency
 Exchange rate used in the Financial Project Report
 Total amount of budgeted income and expenditures
 Description of bidding and procurement processes, if any
 Closing balance (including cash, bank and other assets, e.g. advance payments and outstanding checks)
 Auditor's name, position, address, phone, fax and e-mail
 Date, auditor's signature and authorization p
 Description and assessment of the internal financial controls at all level of offices

Audit site
The audit shall be conducted at SDF headquarters in Yangon. Visit to project sites may be necessary to validate records.

Audit Period
The audit shall be conducted between September 19-23, 2016.

Submission of Audit Report
Final draft: October 31, 2016

How to apply:
Any international standard audit firm interested to provide the service shall submit to Plan International Myanmar by email to copy to mentioning an up-to date CV, consultancy fees and proposal.
The deadline for Application is september 11th 2016.